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Permanent Staffing.

Rising Star Care Solutions can supply you with a personalised pricing quotation since we are committed to finding you trustworthy permanent employees who can perform high-quality healthcare services.

We have a highly skilled and seasoned team of specialists that consistently meet or exceed goals while remaining caring, courteous, and dignified at all times. Most significantly, we understand how rotas affect the costs and budgets of your department.

Our objective has always been to satisfy the requirements and expectations of providers of all sizes, whether small or large. Our team is committed to finding answers to the problems that often come up when permanent hires are made in healthcare settings.

We constantly strive to assist individuals in their time of need, and our ability to do so has helped us advance in the organisation.

Our team of professionals is always ready to give tailored advice on any and all parts of the healthcare industry, and its members have vast experience in these fields. We are a trusted group of experts in our field who have been given the training and tools they need to always provide high-quality services.

Would you be interested in the solutions or services we provide to satisfy your permanent workforce needs if you are a healthcare employer? Please fill in the form below.

Rising Star Care Solutions

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All potential applicants are pre-screened utilising various methods such as psychometric tests, phone interviews, and/or video interviews, if appropriate.

Work packages that are either new or old.

To fill senior-level positions, we undertake executive searches.

There has been a significant quantity of research, reporting, and analysis.

Benchmarking salaries and market mapping.

Employer branding and recruitment activities that are truly unique

Simplifying the hiring process in order to keep people interested in it