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Temporary Staffing.

We deliver a consistent supply of skilled professionals to fulfil our clients’ ever-changing needs, which include NHS Trusts, Health Boards, and private firms that provide health and care services to people. We can reach this goal because we are approved members of all of the major frameworks for temporary staffing.

Our customers get a lot of highly qualified healthcare professionals because we give them to them. Our platinum compliance criteria include the availability of a network of resource professionals in the United Kingdom 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This aid is available at any time.

The independence of our service is highly valued by our consumers. It guarantees that any concerns concerning the safety of staff members and any communication challenges are documented, dealt with, and written down in a way that can be studied and is available for public inspection. Furthermore, it guarantees that the general public is aware of all of these specifics.

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Rising Star Care Solutions

Why do we believe that collaborating with Rising Star Care Solutions will be beneficial to you?

Client trials can begin only when a full screening and interviewing process has been completed.

A managed RPO solution can be classified as a customised solution. Nonetheless, a single placement comes within this group as well.

Each week, a group known as “Contractor Care” meets our contract employees and aids them with any legal or financial issues they may be experiencing.

This all-inclusive charge includes all contract workers’ weekly wages and insurance payments.

Online time-sheet and invoicing solutions that can be linked to your payroll system and give various payment options are available. These systems are available on the internet.

The terms and conditions are updated on a regular basis to guarantee compliance with all regional, state, and federal requirements. (This includes stuff like AWR and IR35.)