rising star care solutions

About Us

Philosophy of Care

Our organisation was founded on the principle of delivering exceptional care. We strive to provide great person-centred care while promoting individuals’ dignity, privacy, choice, beliefs, wants, and independence.

As an organisation, we believe that all clients, regardless of age, race, or religion, are entitled to assistance in leading fulfilling lives. We believe that life is a journey, and we will travel it with our clients, their carers, family, and friends as a team.

Personable, efficient, and professional.

Rising Star Care Solutions stands for quality, whether it is the service we give or the staff we hire. We aim to ensure that our staff can deliver the greatest service possible in their work, no matter how small the assignment.

To do this, we examine every element and ensure that we operate at the greatest level possible. From cleaning and cooking to more delicate duties such as working with dementia sufferers, our staff is always professional, polite, and efficient.

Our Service Expectations

We specialise in recruiting for employment in the healthcare industry. This means that we try to hire only people who have the knowledge, experience, and skills to give our customers the best care possible. Rising Star Care Solutions is especially interested in hiring people who have worked with the elderly before.

Rising Star Care Solutions consistently delivers a comprehensive and exceptional level of care and service to all of our clients. We do this by giving our recruits jobs where they can be successful and make a real difference.

Excellent personnel service

Rising Star Care Solutions can now provide a wide range of services to meet the demands of our clients. We provide hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities in and around London with registered nurses, support workers, social workers, caregivers, allied healthcare professionals, and cleaners.

Care and residential homes, charities, municipal governments, private hospitals, and GP practises are among our current clientele. Why not contact us to see how we can help you with your care staffing requirements?

Our Management

Patricia is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in A & E and Urgent Care. Patricia has always enjoyed working with individuals and is at her best when she is providing care. Her nursing profession grew out of this enthusiasm. She has received expertise in a variety of specialities in several hospitals as well as in community nursing, and she has worked with people with learning disabilities and children in play centres. Patricia takes her practise seriously and strives to always operate within the parameters of the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) Code of Conduct.

She is assertive, patient, courteous, cooperative, punctual, and diligent. A person who gets along well with both patients and employees at Rising Star. As a member of the executive, she is glad to delegate tasks to other members of staff if necessary, based on their skill level and competence, in order for Rising Star to fulfil objectives as a team. Patricia is a terrific team player, a mature student, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. This has made her proud of what she has done and makes her a good choice to take care of your needs. 

Patricia Tshuma (Director)

DipHE in Adult Nursing

Nomhle Desouza (Director) 

BSc Critical Care Nursing, DipHE in Adult Nursing, Non Medical Prescribing(NMP)

Nomhle is a responsible Registered Nurse with great communication skills who has worked in the health care profession for 19 years. She has experience working in hospital wards, critical care, and accident and emergency departments. Nomhle has also worked as a senior care assistant in nursing homes. She has vast expertise in all aspects of care and has worked extensively with different organisations in the UK. She is knowledgeable with both the business and personal aspects of caregiving—the demanding duty of a caregiver and the assistance they provide a client.

Staff You Can Trust

We pre-select the best and most skilled employees so that they are ready to give you the care you require when you need it. They've all been thoroughly vetted and background verified.

All of our carers are trained and qualified to accomplish the work you have assigned to them. Furthermore, they have expertise in a wide range of specialised care, including dementia and others.

Every Rising Star Care Solutions staff is rigorously screened and interviewed to determine why they chose care as a career. As a result, we only hire and choose employees who are really kind and sensitive.

Our assessors have extensive expertise in connecting appropriate staff to our clients; consequently, they are evaluated based on their interests and hobbies to guarantee they match closely with clients, including cultural needs.

Our objective is to assist our clients in every way that we can. We pledge to hire the greatest care specialists that will deliver top quality service that is safe and secure.

Our priority is your peace of mind.

We interview and thoroughly screen every care professional before they join us. Only the best will fulfil our requirements. Our carers are subjected to the following checks: