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For many years, Rising Star Care Solutions has provided high-quality live-in care throughout the United Kingdom. Our services are designed to keep individuals safe and happy in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes while also enhancing their general health and well-being.

Care is given one-on-one and is highly personalised, reflecting not just an individual’s care requirements but also their choices, wants, and social preferences. This lets our clients keep as much freedom as possible and keep living their regular lives.

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Our live-in care leads the way in condition specialist care.

Our expert live-in carers are highly trained to provide care and support that positively enhances quality of life, enabling people to live well in their own homes, especially for those living with specialist conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or those requiring stroke care, cancer care, or palliative care.

Whether you have problems with mobility and frailty, need help getting back on your feet after surgery, or just want some company at home, our full-service live-in care will make sure you can live a full and meaningful life.

Most people would choose to stay at home if given the option. When families are faced with the realisation that their loved one or family member needs increasing levels of care and support, many still believe that moving into a care or nursing home is the only alternative. Even though there are many good care homes, people who want to stay in their own homes but still get the attention and help they need for a better quality of life are increasingly choosing live-in care.

There are several additional compelling reasons to get care in your beloved home rather than experience the turmoil and disturbance that come with moving into a care facility. A care home cannot give highly personalised one-on-one care, and the way you want to spend your life will be limited by enforced schedules-when to get up, eat your food, and when to socialise.

Live-in care gives couples the chance to stay together as a loving pair while still getting the care and support they need, which isn't always guaranteed if both people move into a residential care facility. When compared to needing two packages of care at a care home, live-in care for couples is a very cost-effective choice—with live-in care, there is just a minimal additional expense to offer care to a couple.

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Advantages of Live-in Care versus Care Homes

One-on-one care and assistance around the clock is just not possible in any care home.

A specially crafted, highly personalised plan of care is designed to fulfil your care needs while also addressing how you want to live your life-no tight deadlines or fixed routines like those found in a care facility.

There's no need to leave your beloved house, with all the upheaval and inconvenience that entails. Instead of being sold to cover care facility expenses, the family house can be retained in the family. Staying at home allows you to maintain control of your life while being surrounded by all of your beloved memories and things.

You will not be able to take your beloved pet into a care facility. With live-in care, you may retain your pet and the caregiver will assist you in caring for it. If you have a dog, the caregiver will be pleased to walk it for you.

Significant and well-established benefits to overall health and well-being, as well as much-needed peace of mind and comfort for family members

Couples who are elderly and need care can stay together as a loving couple instead of being split up and cared for in different parts of a care facility.

What Comes With Our Live-in Care Service

A live-in carer comes to your house and lives with you to offer you around-the-clock care, companionship, and support so you can have a higher quality of life while improving your health outcomes—all in the place you love the most, your own home. Our experienced caregiver will offer a variety of in-home care services, including:

This might involve task-oriented parts of caring for someone, such as washing and dressing, as well as those that improve self-esteem, such as having your nails or hair groomed.

Our carers will provide company while respecting your privacy. We make certain that a properly matched carer has similar beliefs and interests as you in order to make life more fascinating, exciting, and fun while also supporting your emotional and psychological requirements.

Our professional carers have received medication management training and use an electronic medication management system to guarantee that all drugs are handled proactively and successfully. Prescriptions will also be collected at the pharmacy.

Our care team will offer assistance and professional advice on what equipment can help increase safe movement and mobility in your home while reducing falls.

We provide nurse-led care, which means that your live-in caregiver is trained to monitor and recognise changes in your health, allowing you to respond effectively and prevent avoidable hospitalisation.

We monitor and assess health outcomes as part of our commitment to providing high-quality home care. This allows us to continuously improve the care we give. 

Meal Planning and Cooking

Your live-in carer will plan and prepare meals based on your tastes and nutritional needs, which will be provided at a time convenient for you.

Helping with social arrangements in the home

Your carer will make sure you can invite friends over for socialisation and festivities, giving you the assistance you need to have fun without having to worry about organising anything.

Outside the home visits in your local community

Our caregivers know how important it is to make sure you can still do as much as you want and stay connected to your local community, whether that means taking a walk in the park, going to local organisations or groups, or visiting friends or your favourite stores.

Tasks at home

This means you have to clean all the rooms and vacuum the whole house to keep it as clean and neat as it has always been.

Live-in Care Services Continuation

Who Can Benefit From Live-in Care

short-term, intermediate-term, or convalescent care following hospital release, or for people requiring post-operative rehabilitation or disease recovery.

Complex medical and specialty disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or Multiple Sclerosis can be maintained with 24-hour home care; there is no need to enter a care facility to get this level of care.

Live-in home care services can be utilised to assist with your care and support requirements in a variety of settings, including:

When round-the-clock care is required to guarantee that a person may continue to live comfortably in their own home, 24-hour live-in care is provided.

Respite care may give a much-needed respite from caring for a loved one, or it can be used to learn how live-in care works and whether it is good for you and your family.

Palliative care at the end of life ensures a person’s needs and preferences are addressed until the end of their life.

Emergency care at home for people who require an immediate live-in care arrangement as a result of an unforeseen operation, injury, or illness.

Live-in Care Costs

The prices of live-in home care services are often comparable to those of nursing homes, if not cheaper. If you require nursing care, the costs at a care home might be significantly higher.

You have the extra benefit of being able to keep your family home with live-in care, and the amount you pay for your care is just for the excellent assistance you receive, rather than the room and board of a residential facility. 

If you are a couple, live-in care is a very affordable choice. A care home would charge you twice for two bedrooms. If two people get cared for at the same place, the expense of live-in care is minimal.

For those with complex medical or specialty diseases, live-in care is frequently less expensive than the entire cost of domiciliary care. When a person receives hourly care from a domiciliary care provider, you will most likely be charged fees for additional services to meet the person’s medical and care requirements on top of the cost of the carer coming.

These extras pile up over time and might become pricey. The total cost of hourly care for someone with high or complicated needs will almost certainly be more than the cost of a service that takes care of everything.

When thinking about live-in care for the elderly, the price is a factor in the quality of care and the level of service the provider gives. It should be looked at along with a number of other factors, such as:

  • If the provider hires its caregivers directly and how they learn and get better at what they do to give high-quality care.
  • How the service is handled: a fully managed service with round-the-clock help will normally cost a higher weekly fee, but you must evaluate the disadvantages of not utilising a managed service as well as family time limits.
  • Is the Care Quality Commission regulating and inspecting the provider? (CQC).
  • Whether the provider provides condition-specific care, nurse-led care in which caregivers are educated to perform the tasks of a district nurse, or expert input,
  • Whether they assess and document gains in health outcomes for their customers.
  • Is quality assurance a priority and a commitment in how care is monitored and measured?
  • Is the provider’s service optimised for technology? This might be accomplished by providing a secure website via which the family can keep connected to the programme of care that their loved one gets. This gives family members and healthcare professionals access to daily care records and care plans, providing a comforting window for relatives who live far away from their loved ones.