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Hospital to Home Care.

What is Hospital to home care?

Hospital to home care is for those who have undergone hospital treatment following surgery or an acute illness and require care and support to relax, heal, and rehabilitate. In most situations, care is offered as short-term or intermediate care, but depending on the severity, nurse-led care or complicated care may or may not be provided.

Post-operative hospital to home care focuses on making you comfortable in order to promote your recovery, while also assisting you in regaining life skills, confidence, and independence so that you may live life well and with an enhanced quality of life. After surgery, you will need to meet certain goals in a certain amount of time before you can go back to your normal life.


A Growing Demand for Quality Hospital to Home Care

Due to current NHS difficulties, many patients who have had hospital treatment or have had either elective or emergency surgery are discharged from hospital too soon and, in most cases, return home without enough care.

It is critical that patients receive high-quality care during their recovery time so that they can recuperate and return to their normal lives. Unfortunately, a lack of appropriate care often leads to elderly people being readmitted to the hospital, prolonging their rehabilitation.

One-on-One Hospital to Home Care Expert

Our hospital to home care is offered one-on-one, resulting in a high-quality, compassionate service that assures that clients may heal and rehabilitate while reaching the goals set out in a complete care plan.

With full-time care, a professional caregiver will live with you in your home and provide care and support around the clock during the transition from the hospital to your home. The goal is to improve your overall health and wellness and improve your

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What Is Included In Our Hospital to Home Care Service

A full evaluation of your care and support requirements by our experienced care manager, who will create a hospital to home care plan detailing specific goals and the support you will need to achieve those goals.

  • A plan to keep you from falling and help you move safely in and around your home while you’re healing.
  • Medication management and administration
  • As and when you require it, companionship
  • Personal care that is unobtrusive and sensitive
  • Our nurse-led service provides specialised nurse-led care.
  • Meal preparation and preparation
  • Making social plans at home is easier.
  • Trips and visits away from home in your community.
  • Domestic duties
  • Taking care of your beloved pet

A Completely Managed & Regulated Hospital to Home Care Service

We offer a completely controlled and regulated hospital to home care service that provides confidence to families at a critical time. Unlike introduction agencies, which are not regulated by the CQC, we personally hire and oversee all of our professional caregivers. We make sure that a skilled manager is in charge of them and that they have help from medical professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.